Has Migs gone all “Hollywood”?”Footgolf Funny” video

Came across this video and thought to myself that guy looks familiar! Even down to some of the mannerisms, has he lightened his fiery locks? Judge for yourself!

Footgolfer Spooner is a ………………………………

Incredibly dedicated individual! Ok that´s not everyone’s opinion infact Clinton Moore wants to box him round the ring thankfully all in the name of charity again! But hats off to anyone who devotes time and money for those less fortunate. One thing Spooner does very well is provide a platform for us footgolfers to be heard. Sometimes opinions differ and ideas are worlds apart and in some case totally impractical, but it gets us all talking about the sport we love! Well done to all the footgolfers from around the world who donated their footgolfing attire and what a coup it was getting the Legend Paulo di Canio involved. But he wasn´t finished there………………there were more big names to follow!Dame Kelly Homes, 2005 Ashes-winning wicket keeper Geraint Jones MBE and EX LEEDS UNITED footballer Rio Ferdinand and I wouldn´t be surprised if he had a few more up his sleeve. Special mention also for my mate Footgolf Marbella´s John Skitt who flew back especially for the event and did himself and his family proud! You can still donate by clicking the link below.



The capital cup looks set to be the Big event of the year with many anticipating it to be the nearest thing to the world cup and with it´s attendance at maximum capacity and a waiting list Footgolfers are indicating that this is the one that everyone wants to be at. Tournament director Jim Kuipers has sent out numerous messages to advise “no pay, no play” and numerous people have been promoted from the waiting list. I imagine due to the popularity of the sport at the moment and particular this event next year it could be cash up front and a paid waiting list to cut down on the admin. Nick Iron will be looking to defend his crown and will have to be on his A game to fend off the the top 3 players from the Footgolf World Cup, Otero Kozak and Reyes. Add this to the local lads Bulk, Green and of course Jim himself and the standard of the footgolf in this tournament will be at the highest level! You can join the waiting list here http://www.footgolfcapitalcup.com/

Nick iron

Over in the Czech Republic I see that they have got the footgolf bug and have crafted their very own official footgolf balls completed with their footgolf logo and dimples. The market for footballs and the search for speedcells and the like is incredible I hope as the sport keeps on growing the pressure mounts on the leading manufacturers to actually look at mass production of Footgolf “friendly” balls. I am currently looking into various options and hope to have a page where Footballs are available to purchase. Watch this space………………………….


Dimpled football

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Footgolf roundup!

Great to see so much activity in the footgolfing world with leagues, cups and competitions being carried out in all corners of the globe. This year more people I speak to have actually heard about our beloved Footgolf! So what’s been happening over the past fortnight?

UsaJapan took on the USA in the first ANA Inspiration Footgolf Faceoff, a six-hole footgolf exhibition match, which attracted a huge amount of media attention and crowds of up to around a 1000 supporters huddled round the tees and greens to watch these well known footballers and golfers try their luck at footgolf! Japan came out on top winning the event 4-2 but surely there will be a rematch after what proved a very successful event. Over to you Mr Balestrini! You can check out a full review of the event here and below you can see some of the action!

Over in Slovakia Tomas Kikus continued his fine run of form beating a strong field that included several Hungarians making the relatively short trip across the border. It will be interesting to see how Tomas and Jan Kozak do on this years EFTT as I can see them both making podiums and will be strong challengers for top ten spots. Of course we will have the opportunity to challenge them in their own back yard in June when they host their stage of the tour at the picturesque but very tricky course (yes it still hurts taking 2 10´s) in Malaka! Get in touch with Mr Dittinger and the guys via Facebook and they will help accommodate you in the wonderful and inexpensive city of Bratislava

Footgolf Slovakia

Meanwhile back in Blighty it is competitions a plenty all around the country now the ground has thawed out. The top names fending of  the influx of newcomers so far but there are sure to be some challenges along the way as more and more new players take up footgolf. Clinton Moore won the East Region first stage at Stapleford Abbotts beating Ben Clarke (no burger reference today pal) by two shots, while Tom Spink seems to be on fire, just getting the better of his mate Marc Cowell in the Northern region. I think the Northern boys will perform well this year as they will have more locally hosted events and more courses to play thanks to the associations progress!


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Until next time!

Around about the wonderful world of Footgolf! Starting in Ireland……………

The boys over in Ireland have been busy to say the least after a decent performance in Argentina they have focused their efforts to really push forward the game on a national level this season. They now have a 2016 Masters Tournament featuring the top 16 players from the 2015 league. This is a head to head matchplay competition and will run season long and it kick off on Sunday at the opening of the new Gormanston Footgolf (you know the one with “Ro” posing infront of the castle) course! Seems like a great time was had by all even the ones who did not make it over the “gap” at the 1st tee!
Of course the registration is in full flow for the Carzone Irish Open & Stage 2 of the European Footgolf Tour, 2016.
Another English speaking country FootGolf Australia is proud to have Marcelo Carrusca as an Ambassador for FootGolf in the country, they new courses opening and will hold their 1st Footgolf open it seems they aswell have really progressed since Argentina. A key factor for this is the support and collobaration with Golf Australia and the Football Federation in Australia. That really is the envy of many!
Over in Brazil unlike in Football they are overshadowed by their neighbours in the blue and white footgolf polos, but not to be outdone they too are compiling dates in the calender so if any of you Footgolfers are lucky enough to be taken a trip to South America this year keep an eye out for these dates
* 21 and 22-May, Footgolf open in Wish Iguassu.
* 17 to 19-June, hosted in Santa Catarina in a wonderful beachside course
* 21st to 23rd -October, Footgolf open and the decisive stage of the Brazilian Footgolf season
You can contact Footgolf Brazil for more details!
Nice brazucas edit
Also a special mention goes out to the Ivory coast  thanks to the help of Julien Babel, Romuald Pretot amongst others it looks like they are making their 1st steps in becoming a recognised Footgolf nation!
Personally speaking I will be traveling to Portugal to enjoy the Algarve masters down in Colina Verde which will hold the 2nd leg of the Iberican circuit. I was extremely proud that our Costadelfootgolf team claimed the Individual and Team event held at our course in Hurricane-esq conditions. We look to come back with a similar result and maybe a bit of a tan!
Until next time happy footgolfing!

The Footgolf season has started and it’s back with a bang!

Last weekend saw the start of the European trophy tour kick off in Turkey and judging by the images and reports it looked like a dream of a course to play on. After hosting the final event of the tour last year Ishan and his crew were eager to host the opening and with the unfortunate events or should I say lack of event in Spain Ishan was a natural choice to guarantee the tour some winter sunshine!Turkey

The event was well attended although some people choose not to travel as were concerned about safety after recent bombings. As with many countries throughout this mad world we live in it is only a small minority committing these attacks and the likelihood is that you have more chance of being knocked over by the number 74 bus on Plymouth high street than find yourself in bother in Turkey!

So a few big names were missing Maurits Van Tubergen Lotgering (thats the longest name I could find) No Iron, no Macino, no Oliver. But we did have the reigning Turkish Champion Big Mac loving Ben Clarke in attendance plus one of the worlds best all the way from Argentina Perrone and a strong Hungarian presence. So it was a slight surprise when at the end of the 1st day Kuipers jnr found himself on top of the pile. His consistency over the course of the two days ensured that he was never in danger of losing his commanding lead and finished an impressive 5 shots ahead of his challengers.

Over in France Clinton and PO were up to there old tricks popping over to the Neighbours and stealing the silverware Clint claiming first and teaming up with Oliver to snatch the doubles. Footgolf Belgium travelled to Spain and enjoyed great success in the non FIFG event with Joeri Jolling claiming 2nd place and the Belgiums the team event.


Footgolf World Cup application. Last chance saloon!

Well with the Footgolf World cup just around the corner well in Argentina to be exact, I thought I owed it to myself and the readers of this blog to pull my finger out and write something! Various factors have lead to the blog losing traction, some political but mostly personal (work and more kids) I myself, have had a great footgolfing year and met some great characters and played some fantastic courses. I would love to be in Argentina but sadly my current circumstances dictate that I will be absent, that and the fact that nobody wants me to play for them (see below)!!!

So I will sit eagerly behind my phone/tablet/phablet/laptop like the rest of Footgolf fans and wait for Sir Killick to do his thing. Of course picking who was going to represent each nation caused much controversy in various nations and it seemed to go from one extreme to the other with some countries turning people away, while some countries best players will not attend due to Finance. For some the many changes to the actual set up of the World Cup has cast doubt in peoples minds whether the second Footgolf World Cup will be a success. Prize money was withdrawn, stipulations regarding nationality were enforced, categories were excluded, balls were scrutinised.

All that aside I feel the main positive is that over 200 footgolfers will attend one single event and it has attracted sponsors and will be covered by the media this can only be positive for the game.

So lets see if anyone can challenge the Diminutive Christian Otero? Could Big Ben Clarke make it 4 in a row? Will Woody rise from the Ashes? Will Paul Oliver’s pencil make it through Customs? All will be revealed! Meanwhile below is my applications if anybody has space?


Paco Walkero or “El Borracho” (the drunk) as he unaffectionately known by fellow footgolf players had quite a chequered footballing career  most famously being involved in the “Referees a wanker” scandal. Referee Jesús Lorenzo Rodríguez wrote in his notes that in the 80th minute of the match, a man “invaded the pitch and approached assistant number one and tried to hit him with his penis, which he had pulled out beforehand”. Walkero was an unused sub in this 4th tier game and denied knowledge of the incident although he was later banned for 2 seasons. Rumours were he had been drinking Jerez sherry out of his Lucozade sport bottle.

Walkero seems to have found his feet in Footgolf though and claims his drinking does not effect his ability on the course although a drunken answerphone message left on Ansensis telephone may have hampered his chances of representing Spain at the world cup



Russ Vannegoor of Heisenberg is currently on trial in a Dutch court charged with owning a major cannabis farm and, as if that was not enough, being involved in forgery and money laundering. The prosecution is seeking a prison term of 12 months. The farm contained over 4,200 marijuana plants. The 28-year-old denied his involvement despite being on the premises, with his partner, when officers raided and he continued to maintain that stance even after it was discovered to be registered in his name. Vannegoor of Heisenberg was a talented young Goalkeeper who played in the Youth team at Ajax struggled to break into the senior side and was farmed out on loan where he seemed to lose focus and began dabbling with supplying Drugs to his team mates. He is new to the world of footgolf and only stumbled across the sport as part of his community service he was sentenced to from a previous conviction for slowly driving up beside a woman and hurling a cup full of his urine at her. With a long drive and an irresistible urge to go to South America on “business”, there could be a real surprise “package”


Rab Walker found himself playing alongside a certain Andy Goram whilst on the youth team at Queen of the South. He seem destined to follow in Goram´s footsteps and did so, but unfortunately only off the field. The tabloids had a field day when it emerged that the building society had repossessed his house, but not as much as they enjoyed when a series of girlfriends emerged in kiss-and-tell stories as the footloose forward failed patently to keep his private life in shape. A 17-year-old teenager made lurid claims about cavorting with Walker in an old caravan. Rab now has converted to Christianity and given up alcohol. Now dedicates his free time to speaking to local scout groups regarding topics ranging from alcoholism to Neo Nazis to STDs. He his hoping that footgolf will channel the immense potential he showed but never fulfilled, whether he manages to stay sober for the duration of the long haul journey is another thing all together


The “pin up” that is Paulo Walkinho will be hoping to claim a place on the plane as part of the Portuguese squad.  Never one lacking in confidence he claims he was the “perfect footballer”, for his leadership on the field, his power running, and his uncanny ability to “find the back of the net”. Off-field he was the ultimate marketing machine, loved by young and old, male and female football fans. When questioned about his sexuality, Walkinho´s response was ” I´m not Gay, I just help them out on a weekend” This aside he is a newcomer to Footgolf but is confident as ever he can become a great!


In 2000 Kingdona underwent intensive drug rehabilitation in Cuba but unfortunately he wasn’t able to kick the habit and came close to death after a massive heart attack caused by a cocaine overdose in 2004. In an effort to start afresh and also kick an addiction to food (in particular Donner Kebabs covered in Full fat Philadelphia and chilli sauce )that had seen him reach almost 20 stone, he underwent gastric bypass surgery and, after undergoing a liquid diet, was noticeably thinner and healthier by the time of his next public appearance. He feels footgolf is his second chance in life and is looking for the opportunity to express his love for the game in his homeland!


Claiming that his friend´s Dad once had a mate who´s Uncle had a pal who knew a guy that was rumoured to have a cousin who´s girlfriends “besty” was seeing the guy who was 2nd cousin to the barman at “Murphy´s fun pub” in Falaraki! Shameless O´Toole feel he has has a divine right to represent the Emerald Isle, he states that the Irish team looks the best kit-wise and are renowned for the “craic”. A big fan of GAA, Shameless claims to have won the the “Golden Hurl” back in 2007 but close friends put that down to a dodgy SuperMacs! Irish or not this guy looks like he is going to put the fun into Footgolf!

Want to represent Australia in the 2016 FootGolf World Cup in Argentina?

AustraliaWell every country seems to have a different policy as to how they will select players to travel to Argentina. Some are complex, some not so! Some countries have an abundance of players other countries are struggling to send even one player.

Our friends at Footgolf World put a spanner in the works of certain countries that were looking at recruiting players from different countries to boost their ranks.

It was met with widespread scorn on the social networks with respected players who have been so important to the growth of the game clearly upset by this ruling.

Here is the information that was divulged!

World Cup Update:
a) Players should accredit documentation proofing the player is:
– citizen (passport, ID);
– permanent resident (VISA); or
– is in the process of becoming one of the above
b) Players representing a country in international competition will not be allowed to represent any other country for a period of five (5) years.
c) Players will be allowed to represent up to two countries throughout their international career.

European players don’t need VISAs (Schengen agreement) so can they only play for the country of their passport.

Footgolf Marbella co-founder and Canadian (His Mothers birthplace) kicker John Skitt weighed in with

” Surely we should be encouraging players to participate in the sport, not putting up arbitrary blocks “

The ever opinionated Ian “Sociable Footgolf” Heydon was also on the players side

“You can’t decide a persons nationality. Several players live outside of their ‘home’ countries, yet represent them in internationals.”

Steve Crane the stateside Soccer guru added It’s ridiculous. Until the sport is completely defined those rules make no sense.I am a player, and for fun have represented US in Spain and England, to help the tournaments have more international flair and kudos”

Whether this will effect the amount of players who are willing or able to attend, only time will tell!

Meanwhile Footgolf Australia are looking for players and it seems that this great sporting nation are taking a nice relaxed approach to recruitment the emphasis on “Come on and give it a try” which I am sure the majority of countries when they first started out had the same ethos!

Check out their vid here Australian Recruitment Video and more info www.FGALeague.org.au